Going With The Flow

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I am just going with the flow.  

I cannot control a 14 hour delay for an international flight, nor can I control the typhoon that caused that delay.  I cannot control the power being off in some parts of our neighborhood.  I cannot control the damage done to our wifi cable.   I cannot control if people I love are hurt by people I do not know.  I cannot control my mother's memory.  I can control how to make things easier for her.  I cannot control when people need to leave before I am ready for them to.  I cannot control so many things that I want to have control over.  

But I have control over my perspective.  I have control over my attitude.  I have control over the rate at which I inhale and exhale.  I do not have control over my mood, but I have control over whether I am crabby or kind.  I have control over the things I choose to do.  I have control over the company I keep.  I have control over how I take care of myself.  I cannot control whether my mom will drink her green juice.  I can control whether I bark at her to drink it or patiently encourage her to try it.  I cannot control when I feel bitter, but I can control when to address it.  

I cannot control time.  I can control how I spend it.   I have control over the kind of friend I am.  I have control over how I treat and appreciate people.  I cannot control who I love, but I can control how to best love them.  

I cannot control technical difficulties, but I can control what I do to get around them.  

I cannot control when the post I write is considered good by someone else.  I can control my commitment to keep on writing.  

I cannot control the flow.  I can control if I let myself just go with it anyway.  I choose to go with the flow when I can't control anything else, because whenever I go with it, that flow usually gets me where I need to be.  


  1. So true, BP! Great words of wisdom, that everyone could benefit from. We always have choices, don't we?

    1. Thanks, Amy! Isn't it funny how easily we forget that?


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