In Case You'd Forgotten

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Because you are my friend.  Because I love and care about you, I want to tell you during this confusing and frustrating time:
Original Print by Hillary Bird see here  I look at my copy at home all the time.

You are that person.  That person who does what she's supposed to & what she believes is expected of her, what is best and what is right, because those are things you value.  The curse of being a sympathetic member of society is giving a sh*t about things beyond one's own life.   Putting your all into everything leaves a girl with nothing much left.  It tends to get inconvenient. 

The beauty with true girlfriends is that we can listen without judgement.  You are afraid that telling me too many of your household woes and venting your annoyances about the hubs is going to put you in a bad light.  You are worried that I will start seeing him differently.  You are also afraid that this would be considered airing out your dirty laundry in front of me and that it's not right.  This is completely up to you.  You can tell me as little or as much as you want, or you can choose to say nothing at all and I won't bother you about it.  But when your emotions started to spill out, only for you to contact me later to say,  "Forget that the conversation even happened, forget everything I said, we're fine, sorry I said anything,"   I became even more concerned, but will respect that you've decided not to go there.  But I need to at least tell you something.  Let me remind you what our friendship is about, in case you'd forgotten.  We will always be on your side, always come to your defense, and call a spade a spade- but this doesn't mean we will start seeing him as a complete jerk or horrible husband.  We ALL have issues with our selves and with our mates, and as you put it, it's all for being who we are.  Often we can never provide a solution, as maybe that is also not what you truly seek from us.  But what we can provide is an open mind, an open heart, a shoulder for crying on, and arms to support you through it.  We will hold you up when your knees just give out, or just make you the comfiest bed possible if you just need time off, complete with chocolate, scones,  and delicious tea in a bottomless cup to sooth you as we hide you away from the world.  Whatever it is, for whichever one of us it is, we are here for each other.  We have always been friends, but now we are sisters.  We are all in this together.  We love you.


  1. A great reminder for all of us who hold back from spilling our guts to our friends, for fear of being judged. True friends, as you say, will do whatever it takes to be there for each other, and we don't always trust that. Your friend is lucky to have you as a friend.

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