I Love My Ass

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Yes.  You read that right.  I love my ass.  

I love how it keeps my hip joint stabilized, allows me to stand up and to walk around.  My ass provides my body more power to tackle these hilly San Francisco streets, and was the location for many a pediatric shot in my day.  Most of all, I love my ass because I love sitting on it.  Oh how I love sitting on it.

Baby's got back!  Some ass love c/o TTI Newborns Pinterest

If I didn't have my ass to sit on, I wouldn't have had the ability to watch Garance Dore's YouTube channel on a loop Thanksgiving weekend.  I wouldn't be able to snuggle up on the couch to read back issues of Bazaar, Real Simple, and Elle Magazines while devouring my stash of Maple Bacon Kettle Potato Chips (move over, Limon Lay's).   Without having this ass I love, what would I sit on when chatting with overseas friends at 1a.m. or when catching up old school on the phone (my actual land line, no less) with domestic ones?  

I love my ass because in as much as I love to get out and about, I love to be holed up at home.  The soft sofa cushions against my back, the warm blanket across my shoulders, and the colorful socks on my feet are nothing without my ass to sit on.  

Some people do their best thinking in the shower.  I do my best thinking while sitting:  surrounded by pillows, at my dining table, in bed, during lunch .... all on my rear end.  No ifs, or ands, but many butts about it, this year, I will give thanks for my ass.  


  1. An ode to the ass! I love your point of view:) I just stumbled upon your blog (due to a comment on a Hello Sandwich picture :) and I like what I'm reading. Thank you for writing in such a natural and honest way. Will be seeing you around!

    1. Gwen, thank you for your comment! I think Hello Sandwich is so great. We have that in common already! I am happy you stumbled in and took a look around! Welcome to my little space on the web.


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