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Monday, August 18, 2014

What a fun time I had last Thursday hosting my very first #HappyMailHappyHour.  My Pinterest addiction for cute packages and kawaii paper products borders on slightly obsessive.  "Post more!  Share more!  I want to see more cute pictures of happy mail!"  I shout to the computer screen late at night when I cannot sleep.  So here I am sharing with you the fun evening held at JamaRoo Kids Studio in Lower Pacific Heights for a small group of paper addicts and card collectors.  The studio space is still bright and cheery after hours, perfect for gathering a gaggle of gals or bevy of bloggers before the weekend begins!  

Photos by @BeachCrabPhotography and @_lovelyletters_

A love of stationery means a love of playing with gorgeous cards pressed, painted, and printed by a variety of makers, made even more personal with our own special touches.  Seeing how each guest personalized her mail for mom, sister, friends, and her beau was enough to make anyone remember how precious a piece of mail can be.  Why not send a letter today or stick a note in somebody's pocket and add a bit of extra pizzaz?  Particular encouragement and inspiration for this party came from Egg Press and Hello Lucky's joint venture #write_on.  Learn more about it here.
Heads down and concentrate!  Moments of silence between all of the laughter and chatter- writing is the focus.  

Egg Press/ Hello Lucky #write_on cards, Julie Ann Art cracking us up, RockScissorPaper keeping it sweet and sunny.  Photos by @BeachCrabPhotography and @_lovelyletters_
Our group of lovely ladies played with an assortment of cards by my friends at Rock Scissor PaperJulie Ann ArtPennie PostMint Chip Inkb-spiredInk and Smog EditionsEgg Press and Hello Lucky.  We washi-taped, stamped, drew, strung, and stuck to our hearts' content with a collection of colored pens and paper pieces (origami hearts, tags, stickers, baby envelopes, etc.) taking it from regular mail to Happy Mail!  Thank you to Beach Crab Photography for the photos as well as to my great guests for sharing their positive energy and pictures.    

It's not just about the mail at this event, it's about the company too.  Attentive listeners having T-we Tea cocktails!
Assorted cards.  Awesome in attendance: Pooja Dang and venue hostess Jamaica Stevens with moi.  Photos c/o @MontgomeryFest, @reginaelaine_ (here with her creations) and @BeachCrabPhotography

What I enjoyed most about this event was seeing how much fun each guest had due to the warmth of the environment and the chemistry of the ladies.  Everyone wrote at least three notes or cards for loved ones and that makes it a happy mail day for me knowing somebody's mailbox will have something extra special in it this week because of this party!  Hooray hooray!  Granted, I did not get to sit long enough to make anything of my own, but I will get cracking later in the week before I hit Create + Cultivate in L.A. this weekend. 

In my next post I will show you what delectable treats we had during this happy hour and the goodies each participant brought home.  A lucky reader here on my blog may even win a Happy Mail Happy Hour box of his/ her own.  Let's see each other then, shall we?  

Happy Mail Happy Hour

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Origami hearts to brighten up any mailbox or craft table.

One of the nicest things about being a blogger is that when I think about a fun event, there is not only nothing stopping me from just doing it, but I feel slightly obliged to see the idea through.  Do it for me, do it for friends, do it for our community. After sending letters to friends and crafting little happy mail packages of cards, funny stickers, and cute inserts to far away family or to the children of my pals, I thought it would be a lot of fun to host an off line event for my IG community and blog family who share my obsession with stationery and love of all things snail mail.  Being a personal narrative blogger does not mean that all I do is sit and ponder.  I also am pretty engaged in my life, and often like to make things happen rather than wait for them to come about.  How many times have I attended a little paper crafting workshop and thought, I would love to host one of these!  How often have I thought whether anyone out there can somehow relate with what I have to say and decided to write about it?  How often have I discussed girlie concerns like skin and makeup and trading tips with friends?  Why not take an opportunity to host a little shindig for that?  How many other people like me would love to sit around and look at cool cards while talking about their own stationery addictions while sipping cocktails and nibbling over happy hour?    Why not just plan one?  In walked my   #happymailhappyhour concept (use the hashtag on twitter and IG to see what's up!) and now another idea is turning into a bit of an awesome reality!

A delivery of cards from one of my favorite foul mouthed stationers, Julie Ann Art

Not only do I know that there are friends out there who love cards and the art of the personal greeting, every stationery company out there wants us to get writing too.  This snail mail social idea has received such a genuine and enthusiastic interest and would love to have you tag along by checking out the fun on Instagram (@blogger_bp), or revisiting my blog on Friday!  Okay, maybe Saturday... let's be realistic here...  

Better yet, how about you come join me on Thursday, August 14?  Write some mail, meet new friends, check out some beautiful cards and share some of your personal stash for a swap with other card loving guests!  Oh, and yes, there will be T-We Tea cocktails, a killer box of Happy Mail for you to take home, and some rather yummy bites catered by my gal, Brittany of Kitchenette, Click below to get all of the event and ticket information, but you better act fast.... very fast!   

See you Thursday!!!

A sampling of the amazing stationery goodies guests will go home with.  Get your ticket!

I Want Water Not Chocolate

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Had the funniest twitter chat just now with IGidol about the lack of drinking water on airplanes. While reading her article on travel essentials over the weekend I laughed out loud when I read the line,  "Would it kill flight attendants to serve a little more water than a mere half-plastic-cup full?"

I can't tell you how I always wondered why on earth the flight attendant only fills my 4 oz plastic cup barely half full before coming around to offer four more glugs 2 hours later?  Oftentimes I will drink the water as soon as I get the cup in my hands and ask for a refill as soon as she is done pouring my seat mate's serving of Coke.  Oh, by the way, why do people who order juice and soft drinks get a full can while water drinkers get a dribble?  It makes no sense!  Can you please just give me a one liter bottle and call it a day?  I promise not to startle you next time you walk down the aisle holding a pitcher of water and hail you down like a crazy baby ready for her next feeding.

 It would have been fine if this were not a full flight. It would have been easier if it weren't a midnight flight. It would make sense if it were a 30 minute flight. But no. It was a 12 hour flight. Non stop. This was after a 1.5 hour delay. No joke. That was after checking in 3.5 hours early in under 20 minutes. Calgon, take me away! My carry on was stuffed to the brim with chocolate and polvoron, a powdery sweet Filipino treat. I also had my one remaining bag of Trader Joe's Crunchy Curls from my two week visit to see mom. But no water. Not a drop. Oh, I did try to bring some on the plane, I assure you. I bought four bottles after clearing TSA, but for some reason at the airport in Manila they would not allow any of us to bring our own beverages on the plane. Another passenger said to me, "If I am drinking from the bottle I bought at the vendor facing the third round of security screeners, obviously it really IS water." Denied. So denied. So disappointed. So dehydrated.

It's definitely a different experience riding in a different cabin, but alas, I cannot justify the huge price difference at this point in my life.  Once in a while, but when the upgrade costs as much as the roundtrip economy fare, a roundtrip that I will be taking again in another three to four months, I just can't do it.  One day though - when this day (click here) comes.  

Until then, at least I have something to write about.  

Have you been traveling?  I am sure it's been great, but any other nuances that really get your goat?   

Extra special note for the day:  By the way, readers, thanks for coming by.  I know there is a lot for you to do and other blogs to read, but you came here, and hopefully this isn't your first time, nor, ideally, will it be your last.   I do like having you read and engage.  I like knowing when I run into you at a party or when we get together at lunch, or when we see each other on IG or Twitter that what you've read on my blog actually matters to you.  It matters to me, which is why I do it.  But knowing that this blog is fun for you too makes even missing water on a plane kind of ... not an issue.  Kind of.... not entirely!  

See you next time!  And by the way, if you are in the Bay Area and want to meet up, come to my small stationery social, next week, August 14!  #happymailhappyhour

The Weekend Warrior

Saturday, August 2, 2014

It is 1:03 am on Saturday morning and I have declared at least for this weekend I will be a warrior.  I will get things done.  I will 'let go' and tackle my self imposed to do list.

What will this weekend warrior do?  Nothing special, but here are the four things  I will be working on Saturday and Sunday.  Let's see where I am come Monday morning.

Pondering prior to pursuing.  My classic Weekend Warrior Style.  Image c/o google images.

Apologize to Toffifay.  This little penguin is my travelling mascot.  The hubby and I found him a few years ago prior to our trip to Spain, maybe earlier.  Tired of hearing from family, "Why do you just take pictures of sites on vacation?  How do we know it's really you taking them?"  Enter Toffifay, our funny fluffy pocket sized penguin.  If he is in the picture, then you know one of us was taking it.  Toffifay likes to travel and he likes to be a part of the action.  During my recent trip to Manila, Toffifay primarily stayed in my closet, bored out of his wits.  I just didn't think to take him here there and everywhere.  He's been to Manila a lot.  A LOT.  He came with me to an impromptu brunch hosted by an old high school classmate in the midst of a power failure (thank you, Typhoon Glenda) and after that, I just thought my baby should stay home.  He has shot me some dirty looks though while unpacking here in San Francisco.  Sitting on my dining table as I empty out my suitcases I know he is pretty annoyed that I had to drag him halfway around the world just to sit in my closet.  So I am sorry, Toffifay.  I will make it up to you.

Work on details for my upcoming event.  I am super psyched to be hosting Happy Mail Happy Hour on August 14.  My complete brainchild, this event is a small gathering of paper lovers and snail mail senders like me to talk stationery obsessions and write mail together over some bites and drinks on a Thursday night.  My friend, Jamaica, from JamaRoo Kids Studio  is graciously letting us use her fantastic space in Lower Pac Heights for the shindig while some of my favorite stationers/ small biz owners including Egg Press, Rock Scissor Paper, Julie Ann Art, Ink and Smog Editions, b-spiredPennie Post, Mint Chip Ink, and The Union Street Papery are going to sweeten the stationery stashes of lucky card hoarding guests (yes, we are card hoarders as well as mail senders - own it).  Is this your jam?  Click on the graphic on my sidebar or right here for your ticket!  It will be great to see you there, especially if we haven't met yet!

Get my mind & body back on track.  The jet lag, my diet, my dehydration, my lack of exercise ... it is all hurting my thirty something bones.  My trip home was incredibly healing and enjoyable, but it was rough on my body, and I can't take my health for granted.  I feel better when I take care of myself.  Gym, market, cook, rest, work schedule.  I am ready for you!

Make some kind of plan for my birthday.  I am a Virgo, which means not only is my birthday coming up, but I usually like it to be celebrated in a pretty specific way every year.  I am unsure of what I want to do this year though - been thinking about it for a year already and now I only have a month to pull it together.  It's a bit of pressure, when reaching one of those milestone birthdays, so I am even more conscious of keeping it simple (but exciting).  Any suggestions?  

Have at it, my friends!  The weekend is ours to do with it what we will!  Make it count!

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